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Press / Features

Featured in 365 Art Magazine Plus in Japan , in The Tenbo Issue November 2021. Beauty Writer Nathalie Faustino Featured Our Best Seller Pigmentation Solutions in her beauty column . She Loves it for keeping her skin bright and even toned while fading her dark marks .  Its her favorite for stubborn discolorations and dark marks .

Featured in Tajmeeli Magazine in the Middle East a magazine that brings awareness to Arabic speakers of the latest beauty trends , cosmetic procedures & trending products with over 1,000,000 readers a month , A  feature in Arabic Language specially for Arabic Speakers .Posted below is the original & translated version . August 2021

Article Headline : "7  Best Pigmentation Fighting Creams " 

Listed as No1 for one of the Best Creams for Fighting Pigmentation.

As seen in The Weekend Pages March 2021

In the Weekend Pages February 2021 

As seen in British Vogue : 

3x Feature - Total of 6 features . 

March 2020 Issue Print :                                         April 2020 Issue Print : 

Fresh Faced Beauty Campaign :

No. 27 Berries Skincare 

No.27 Berries Skincare - Pigmentation Solutions .


Vogue Digital :

As seen in Vogue Retail :


 No.10 Pigmentation Solutions by Berries Skincare 

April 2020 Issue Print : 

Get Set , Glow Campaign :

Vogue Digital :
No. 9 Pigmentation Solutions by Berries Skincare
 Vogue May 2020 Print :
Hello to the Glow ! Campaign :
Pigmentation Solutions by Berries Skincare :
No. 19 :
Vogue May 2020 Digital :
No 9 : Pigmentation Solutions by Berries Skincare